The Weber Co.
The Weber Co.

As business owners, entrepreneurs, and influencers it’s easy to feel lost, overwhelmed, confused, ALL THE THINGS when you’re trying to brand your biz. And gosh, there’s just so much competition out there, how are ya ever going to stand out?

I’ve got you, Rockstar.

The Weber Co is place to gain clarity and strategy in your unique brand story so that you can monetize your passion. Creative geniuses are welcome here (and yep, that’s you).


I help you gain clarity and strategy around your brand story so that you build your biz quicker and avoid the confusion that most brands experience.  

Grab a glass, let’s swap stories 🍷

What started as a fashion blog under the name Trendy in Indy (may this blog RIP) has turned into a community full of women who have learned how to captivate an audience through story. I’m talking eyes-glued-to-the-screen kind of viewers here, people. These rockstars are turning their dreams into a reality through self-made careers with tribes that are BRAND FREAKIN’ FANATICS.

The Weber Co. was created after I hosted As Told By Us, a conference for fempreneurs, in February 2019. Over 150 women poured into VisionLoft in Indianapolis on that cold winter day ready to uplevel their skills in branding, social media marketing, and self-care as an entrepreneur. After that bomb dot com event, I recognized this gaping hole in the industry. We’ve all got a story, but how the heck do we share it in a way that makes sense for our brand? 

With 7 years of experience working as a branding expert, a degree in strategic communications, and the work I've poured into developing my own brand, I help you gain the clarity you need to build Beach Boys level raving fans.  

Through coaching, live events, and the free resources you’ll find on the blog, I’m helping women like you uncover their brand stories to attract the right people sooner and stand out in a saturated market.

Here at The Weber Co., I believe that your story matters and needs to be told. So, if you’re ready to do the work to get clear on your message, find your tribe and love them hard, you’re in the right place.

Ready to create a brand that rocks? Let’s hit it.

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