Springtime: Finding new focus and passion.

It's been a busy last month and a half and it's time to get back to teaching and inspiring through fashion. During the month of March I spent many nights at workshops and in the gym preparing for tryouts for Colts Cheerleading. I made it through the first round and on to finals, but unfortunately did not make the team. This blog is about what I have learned through that experience and will show one of my favorite spring looks. RL-4

Disappointment is hard. No matter how tough you are or how much you say "it's okay, it's all in God's plan" no one likes rejection or disappointment. This past Sunday, 49 finalists stood in a circle waiting for their number to be called, and within a minute half of the women around me felt the same disappointment I did when our numbers were not called.

The last couple days I have spent time reviewing my performance and going through what I could have done differently. But what I have realized is how much I learned about myself during the finalist week for Colts Cheerleading. During the week we had to do a fitness test in which I completed 53 push ups in two minutes and 74 sit ups in a different two minutes. I had no idea I was capable of that. I met so many talented, driven young women and I was able to perform again.

The world is full of no's and try again another time. Sometimes you just need to see the positives in the experience and find a new focus. For me it's fashion and planning my upcoming wedding. Perhaps I will try out again next year for the squad, but for now I have so much to look forward to this year.


This floral kimono is one of my absolutely favorites. Kimonos are huge for this spring and if you don't have one, you need it. I've paired it with a simple ribbed dress and my favorite Steve Madden wedges.

Find a new passion this spring, something you love, something new you want to try. Whatever it is, pour your heart into it and don't look back.