New Years Resolutions and Sticking to them

New Years Resolutions and Sticking to them

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So I am not normally one for making New Years resolutions, however I do enjoy setting goals. I like to set goals for myself throughout the year, and honestly to set them all at one time can feel somewhat overwhelming. I also think that resolutions are maybe things we should be doing all the time and not just at the turn of a new year, but sometimes the new year can be that encouragement some of us need.

Tonight I wanted to share some tips on making resolutions and a few of my own.

Make your resolutions attainable. Goals of any kind should always be realistic, something that you can actually reach or attain. This way you don't completely set yourself up to fail.

Resolutions should be something you are passionate about. If you aren't truly passionate about making a change or doing something new, then you are definitely not going to do it. Therefore, the resolution would be pointless. If you are passionate about learning how to cook, sign up for a cooking class or commit to making one new recipe a week.

Spread out your resolutions. You don't have to accomplish all of your resolutions in January. It's much better to spread them out throughout the year. This will also help you feel a little less overwhelmed.

Resolutions can be more like goals or just things you want to work on. These don't have to be anything huge and life changing. They can be as simple as "learn one new thing a week" or as complex as "run a marathon."

Don't give up on yourself. Let's say you set a resolution to work out 5 days a week. It's January 15 and you've worked out maybe twice and you decide to just quit while you're ahead. NO! Don't do that. Maybe you just need to adjust your resolution so it feels more attainable and so that you won't give up.

Write them down. When you write your resolutions down and can actually see them everyday, that helps you stick to them. Because if you don't you'll probably feel like you're letting yourself down. It's a really great tactic to keep yourself on track.

So now that I have shared a few tips on how to stick to your resolutions, here are a few of mine for the year.

My resolutions:

  1. I really want to read more, just for fun. So... I want to read 10 books this year.
  2. I have the biggest travel bug, so I want to take two trips (not work related).
  3. Find a house that we both agree on. This is kind of the next step for us and so far we have just kind of started looking. I can tell you it will be interesting.
  4. Be more patient and considerate. I am not generally the most patient person in the world so I really want to work on this.
  5. Work out 4 times a week. Mostly, I just want to get back in shape and find my muscles again.
  6. Expand my blog tremendously. I am ready for Trendy in Indy to just explode, so I hope 2017 is the year to do it!
  7. Find a great staff and make RaeLynn's hugely successful on the north side of Indianapolis.
  8. Save more money. I am so thankful that I married someone who can budget and helps me stick to it. This is the year I am going to make a financial plan.

So that's it for now. Those are my big resolutions for 2017. Whether you make resolutions or not, setting goals is always something you can do. Just make sure you can actually accomplish them and follow my tips above for sticking to them.

Happy New Years!