Why I Love Winter Whites

So you know that saying "no white after Labor Day"... Well it pretty much doesn't exist anymore. White is totally acceptable to wear year round now, although we will see what the next few years bring.

But, for now winter whites are a huge trend. I don't personally love an all white look unless I have a spray tan because it does nothing for my skin tone. I usually opt for a white top or bottom in the winter. Now in the summer, bring on white dresses. But anyway, winter whites are definitely something to try.

If you are "porcelain" (I prefer that term to pasty or pale) like me, I suggest adding color somewhere to your look this winter if you are going to try the white trend. I paired this white denim with one of my all time favorite blush sweaters (on sale now, but almost sold out at Nordstrom). The blush tones have been popular this winter too, plus it reminds me that spring is on its way and winter will end... eventually.

I paired this with a grey bootie although taupe would have probably been okay as well. Added a few simple bracelets to complete the look. A necklace with this collar would have been way too much.

The biggest thing to remember with these trends is that you have to make them work for you. Not everyone can pull off white sweater, white bottom, white hat, white gloves, etc. and that's totally okay! In my opinion, trends are open to interpretation and should be styled on an individual basis.

Here's to Thursday and almost the weekend!