5 Beauty Products to try now!

So I absolutely love trying new beauty products. One of my biggest pet peeves is the advertisement of a product that says it does something and then you try it and it actually does nothing. I am always on the search for great beauty products and I wanted to share 5 of my new favorites with you that actually work. These products come from Merle Norman, Sephora, and Eva Maison.

Lip Pencil Plus, Merle Norman

Merle Norman is not usually a make up brand that millennials think about as it is known to have an older cliental. However, I am obsessed with their products. They are high quality products with great price points. This lip pencil features a liner and color. It is available in so many colors, as you can see, and they are all great. My favorites are Glam I Am, Mystic Pink, and Bistro Berry.

Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette, Sephora

I always ask for a new eye palette for Christmas and this is the one from my list this year. This palette is absolutely fabulous. The colors are a little different so make sure you test it out at Sephora first. Use the colors sparingly because they have significant pigment.

Loose Finishing Powder, Merle Norman

Last fall I was on a search for finishing powder when I was introduced to this one. It gives your face that flawless looking finishing touch. And it smells wonderful.

Tatcha Water Gel Moisturizer, Sephora

This has been a great find for winter. When my skin is dry I need something that helps moisturize before my foundation, but sometimes I feel like a "lotion" is too think. This is the perfect product. I use this as the first step on a clean face and before my primer.

Ambre Essence, Eva Maison

If you're searching for a new scent, you HAVE to try Ambre Blends. They are such a light, fabulous fragrance and I would literally spray them all over my house. I like to mix a couple of these together, ambre essence and unmasque essence pair nicely.

Hopefully this inspires you to branch out and try a few new beauty products in your daily routine. Have a great Wednesday!