Midwest Fashion Week Recap
Jumpsuit , Express ||  Leather Jacket , TopShop ||  Cheetah Clutch , Nordstrom ||  Metallic Heels , Steve Madden || Hair,  Emmy Lou Hair  || Makeup,  Ericka Kresge

Jumpsuit, Express || Leather Jacket, TopShop || Cheetah Clutch, Nordstrom || Metallic Heels, Steve Madden || Hair, Emmy Lou Hair || Makeup, Ericka Kresge

"Our community is dedicated to empowering creativity and the expression of individuality and confidence through fashion."

Last week I had the opportunity to collaborate with Midwest Fashion Week to attend the show in Indianapolis. It surpassed and exceed all expectations.

I have yet to attend NYFW and it's on my bucket list, but I was so excited to learn about an organization that encourages new designers to showcase their creations right here in Indy. 

My intern and I were greeted by CEO, Berny Martin, who was so wonderful to work with and had some of his own designs in the show. The show was held at the Indianapolis Artsgarden which is a beautiful venue on its own. 

Throughout the show, we saw various designs by students, young designers, local designers, and everything in between. After each segment, the host brought each designer out to the stage to discuss their inspiration. One of the best responses was from a local designer who said that the suburbs of Indianapolis all have their own personalities and he wanted to express that individuality through his pieces. Click here to see a full list of designers. 

The coolest aspect of Midwest Fashion Week? They believe in bringing Midwest fashion to the world. The organization also has shows annually in Paris, NYC, and Chicago.

I will definitely be attending again next year. Any organization that encourages an individual to reach their dreams, is an organization I want to support. Thank you again for having me. Make sure to take a look at the photos below.