Travel New, Travel Often

Adding the travel portion to my blog has been such an exciting adventure. I promised you guys in my last Nantucket post that I would share the details about what we actually did on the island so here are the highlights.

21 Broad

If you read my last post, you know how much love I have for this Lark Hotel. It was quaint, yet modern. They had complementary breakfast with gluten free options and a cocktail hour. If you missed that post, click here to read more. I highly recommend this hotel group for your east coast trips. They have several properties out there and one in California.


Straight Wharf

This is an upscale restaurant on the island. I'd be lying if I said our experience was perfect. We sat down before looking at the menu. HUGE mistake for someone with allergies and a sensitive stomach. The food was a bit too much for what I thought I could handle so we had a glass of wine and enjoyed the beautiful view. Thankfully the staff was fairly understanding. 

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The Rose and Crown

So when we left Straight Wharf, we went to a pub called Rose and Crown. They had live music and the food was exactly what we were looking for. They had your basic pub food, but plenty of other options too. I ended up with fish and a baked potato. It was located close to our hotel (literally around the corner) so that was convenient since we were exhausted. 

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Nantucket Bike Tours

Before we headed to Nantucket, I connected with Jason who actually owns the Handlebar Cafe in Nantucket and is from the Indy area. He also runs the bike tours in Nantucket so we set that up with a guide named Cole, who just so happens to also be from Indianapolis. Our world is so small. But the bike tour was amazing. It was so nice that it was just Halee and I with Cole because we could hear what he was saying about the history and architecture on the island. I only fell one time when I decided it was a good idea to ride up a narrow brick sidewalk. This is a must do in Nantucket. 

Cisco Brewery

This property is actually home to a brewery, winery, and distillery owned by 3 different families. They had live music and local food vendors so what's not to love? I think we had about 4 servings of fresh jumbo shrimp and cocktail sauce. We received a tour of the property along with some great samples. The blueberry vodka might have been my favorite. Another must do in Nantucket.

When we left the brewery, we actually met a couple of locals who invited us to another party at the Sandbar on the beach. We enjoyed a night of talking to the natives of Nantucket and doing some quality karaoke.  

In case you guys can't tell, I really loved Nantucket and I think Halee would say the same. It's definitely a place I will be visiting again someday.

So I am curious, what's your favorite place you've ever been? Drop it in the comments below.



Special thank you to: Lark Hotels for our complementary stay and Cisco Brewery for our complementary tour.

Also thank you to: Magnolia Boutique, She Is Boutique, and Sweet Olive Boutique for my awesome wardrobe for this trip.