DIY Halloween Costumes

Some people have mixed feelings about Halloween. I personally enjoy dressing up as a character, going out, and eating candy. But I enjoy dressing up in general so I guess there's that. 

The one thing about Halloween that I struggle with is the expense of a costume. It can be quite an investment to really go all out. So that brings me to today's post... using what you already have to make it work.

Let's face it, you are probably doing something last minute and there's probably no time to buy a costume. So head to your closet and improvise.

Claire of Makeup by Claire Rene (also an Indy influencer), reached out to me this week and said she thought I would make the perfect Sally from The Nightmare before Christmas. Now I have to be honest in saying that I have never seen this movie. However, Claire sent me some inspiration and the long red hair pretty much sold me.

Makeup can literally make or a break a Halloween costume. I would much rather pay to have my makeup done in some cool way than buy an expensive costume. 

When she texted me I didn't have time to find a costume so in comes improvisation. I had a dress in my closet that was a unique floral pattern and matched the colors of the original character. I also knew it would be cold so figured a leather jacket would work and could kind of add a modern day twist. I found some black booties and obnoxious socks, so I made it work! The makeup 100% made this whole look work. 

So what else could you find in your closet? Here are some ideas:


- Black dress

-Black leggings (if it's cold)

-Black booties

-Witch's hat (I'm certain someone you know has one if you don't)


-Green dress

-Shell everything

-Nude Shoes

-Makeup will be critcal


-Jean skirt or suede skirt

-Flannel button down

-Cowgirl hat

-Boots (preferably cowgirl)


-Leather leggings or leather skirt

-White shirt (peasant looking or button up)

-Red handkerchief tied around your hair

-OTK boots or black boots

No one said Halloween had to be elaborate (although it usually turns into that). But, just make it something fun that you are comfortable with! 

Have a Spooktacular Halloween!