Dating Cities: Nantucket
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Special thank you to  Lark Hotels  for sponsoring a stay at 21 Broad. 

Special thank you to Lark Hotels for sponsoring a stay at 21 Broad. 

Exploring a new city is kind of like dating. You never know what to expect, you’re nervous and excited all at the same time. Will it be nice? Will it be awkward? Where are we going to eat? What are we going to do?

This past week, I had the opportunity to "date" Nantucket with my good friend Halee. I think it's safe to say, we both fell in love with the island and would move tomorrow if we had the chance. 

For our stay, I partnered with Lark Hotels to stay at 21 Broad. I wasn't sure exactly what to expect with this boutique hotel, but that was exciting to me. Let’s be honest, it would be a boring date if you knew exactly what would happen, don't you think? Let me tell you about how truly wonderful our stay was at this boutique hotel. 

First of all, you walk up to what looks like a huge home with an adorable front porch and a beautiful outdoor patio area perfect to sit outside, drink a glass of wine, and make new friends. When you walk inside, the pops of yellow decor welcome you into what feels like an island home living room. 21 Broad and its staff make you feel as though you're long lost friends and have arrived at their home for your stay. It's unlike any feeling I've had staying in a hotel. The number of times Halee and I both said "we are moving, why don't we live here, this is amazing, look how adorable that is...." well, it was too many to count. It was kind of like that date you go on, fall in love in 5 seconds, and don't even care what flaws might exist. 

21 Broad offers complimentary breakfast complete with a variety of gluten free options. I mention this because since being gluten free, it is not fun to play the guessing game of what may or may not have gluten. You can see in my photos just how easy they made this. The hotel also offers a BYOB cocktail hour. They do not have a license to serve liquor so instead they provide various mixers in the evening. It's the perfect time to enjoy drinks before dinner and mingle with other visitors. 

A few other things I loved about 21 Broad: the comfy beds, the huge shower, the Lather products, and did I mention the homey island feel? So bottom line, it was awesome. You need to go. Lark Hotels has various locations all over New England and California, so if you aren't feeling Nantucket, you can at least check out their other locations here

So you know when you are dating someone new and you make a pro/con list? Well maybe you don't do this, but I certainly use to. Nantucket really didn't have many cons. So here is why I fell in love: 

1.  You can walk or bike just about anywhere. We actually took a bike tour while we were there and we were able to see so much of the island. Staying downtown, we were able to walk to dinners and shops also. 

2. If you can't walk or bike, there is a shuttle or Uber available. When we went to Cisco Brewery (also Triple Eight Distillery and Nantucket Vineyard), a shuttle picked us up from downtown which was awesome. Shuttles are also available to pick you up and drop you off from various places on the island.

3. It's literally like a storybook. When we walked off the ferry, we felt like we had walked into a Nicholas Sparks or Elin Hilderbrand book. The streets are brick and cobblestone. The homes are made of cedar shack and all look charming. It's one of those places where the locals all know each other. 

4. Almost everything is local. The restaurants, coffee shops, the stores. And the food is absolutely amazing. 

5. Everyone has a story and wants to talk to you. While it's true that we all have stories, the locals in Nantucket have especially cool stories. Maybe because the way of life is so different out there, but everyone we encountered was generally kind. 

So why wouldn't you date Nantucket?

Every city has at least one flaw. For Nantucket, I would say that's getting there. There really is no great way to get to the island. We were trying to save as much money as possible so we took a bus from the airport in Boston to Hyannis. Then we took a cab to get to a ferry. I would probably suggest flying. Although, that might be tricky too. It definitely takes some planning to get there. 

Alright so I know this post was long and I really appreciate you taking the time to read. I'll be sharing specific details on what we did, where we ate, and more soon. But I will leave you with this, be open to a new adventure. Keep your heart and mind open to exploring something different.