Beauty Gifts for the Beauty Guru

ONE WEEK UNTIL CHRISTMAS! Is anyone panicking a little? We actually didn't do gifts this year since we are going skiing as a family, but nonetheless, I know how stressful those last minute gifts can be to find.

This guide is designed to help you find the perfect beauty gifts for the beauty lover in your life. Perhaps, this could even be a good guide for new beauty products you need. Either way, I think you will love these beauty gifts. The below image is clickable (minus the Sleepy Lush lotion) so you can shop easily.

TOP BEAUTY GIFTS - Tarte Face Shaping Palette

A great neutral palette for everyone. Tarte has amazing eye and cheek products which is why I love this product. It's a gift that works for a variety of skin tones and is universally loved. 

TOP BEAUTY GIFTS - Lamora Eye Brushes

An eye makeup brush starter kit that is inexpensive, but great quality. This kit is a great gift for someone just starting their makeup collection or for someone who is experienced. Either way they will love these seven soft brushes.

TOP BEAUTY GIFTS - Sephora Perfume Sampler

Sephora has the best gift sets but the one that tops them all is this perfume sampler. You can gift someone a perfume without actually having to take a huge risk with the wrong fragrance. At the end of all the sampling they are able to return the box in exchange for a medium sized perfume of their choice that was in the box. Such a great gift to give for the girl who loves her perfume.

TOP BEAUTY GIFTS - Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette

This palette can be used for beginners and more experienced makeup lovers. It has 35 creamy eyeshadows for only $38. This has a lot of warm neutrals and a couple fun colors to play around with or smoke out under the lash line!

TOP BEAUTY GIFTS - Lush Sleepy Body Lotion

OMG, THIS LOTION! This is for the sleeping beauty in your life who also loves to moisturize. It's a lotion that promotes a peaceful mood and helps you fall asleep, hence the name. It’s an inexpensive gift that any women would deeply appreciate.

TOP BEAUTY GIFTS - Marc Jacobs Sugar Sugar Lip Gloss

Marc Jacobs lip glosses are so good! Sugar Sugar is such a universal lip for just about anyone. The beauty babe in your life will absolutely adore you for this gift, plus it's any easy stocking stuffer. 

TOP BEAUTY GIFTS - Becca Highlighting Kit

Along with the perfume sampler, the Becca Highlighting Kits are also off-the-charts good. Becca Highlighters in general are to die for. This kit comes in two different colors: Champagne Pop and Opal. Included in the kit is a liquid highlighter and a pressed highlighter. For the girl you know who loves to glow… this is what you are looking for.

TOP BEAUTY GIFTS - Kat Von D Shade + Light Palette

I love, love, love the Kat Von D Shade + Light Palette. It has cool shades and warmer shades to contour with as well as three highlighting powders. On a day I am running late I use the darker shades as eyeshadow crease colors just do add some definition and then I’m out the door! Such a universal palette for a contour queen.. And busy bee’s like me. 

TOP BEAUTY GIFTS - Agave Kisses Set

You don’t know you need this set until you’ve tried it. It comes with the most moisturizing lip balm, lip mask, and lip scrub. These products will make your lips “baby skin soft”. Flawless lipstick starts with smooth lips so give a gift that will make keep lips moisturized all winter. 

TOP BEAUTY GIFTS - Clear Makeup Bag

My favorite kind of makeup bag is something clear Why? Because you can easily see what you are looking for at all times. This makes the makeup routine a little less complicated especially when traveling. 

TOP BEAUTY GIFTS - Frank Body Coffee Scrub

This Coffee Scrub from Frank Body is so good. It will leave the skin so smooth and exfoliated. I use this all over my body and I am even able to use this on my face. It has almond oil and macadamia oil in it to nourish and moisturize. 

TOP BEAUTY GIFTS - Butter Nail Polish

You can’t go wrong getting a loved one Butter Nail Polish. Any nail polish lover will be so happy receiving this gift. They are more expensive than most, but totally worth it. A great stocking stuffer too!

TOP BEAUTY GIFTS - Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette

Buying someone lipstick can be risky since most beauty lovers have color preferences, but you can’t go wrong with this lipstick palette. You’re able to make your own lipstick color by using various combinations within these 18 shades. Anastasia Beverly Hills also makes a solid product. 

TOP BEAUTY GIFTS - Sephora Gift Card

And last but not least, a gift card is always appreciated by those of us who love this beauty industry. Whether it be from Sephora or Ulta, a beauty guru will love being able to pick out their own gift and discover new products.


Because I absolutely could not leave Merle out of this guide, here are five products I recommend from them.

  1. Lip Pencil Plus- I have almost every shade and truly love them all. You can't go wrong with Mocha, Tender Kiss, Bistro Berry, Guava, or Mystic Pink.
  2. Knockout Nudes Eye Shadow Palette- This is part of the holiday collection, but it's sticking around for a while. It has amazing neutrals you can wear year-round. 
  3. Basic Cleanser and Moisturizer- Skin care is SO important and I wish I could share that message with the world. Giving the gift of a solid cleanser and moisturizer is a gift that will be appreciated for years to come. 
  4. Contour + Highlight Duo- This duo is great especially when you are traveling. It has a basic contour and highlight in a compact circle that's easy to carry with you. 
  5. Gift Card- If you still aren't sure, a Merle gift card is always a great option so the beauty lover in your life can pick something they will love.

Best of luck finishing up all of your shopping!