Gift Guide for Him

Pressure is on. Christmas is less than 23 days away and you know the guys in your life deserve a little love this holiday season.

But, why are they so hard to shop for sometimes? I feel like I always struggle with what to get Collin and my brother. My dad is easy because I can get him something sentimental and he turns into a puddle (one of the things I love about him). But for Collin I am always thinking, "Will he like this? Does he really need that? Oh, he will probably just return that."

Below you will find a gift guide for him full of practical gifts. All of these are easy gifts that almost every guy will appreciate. The graphic below is clickable also! Just hover over the product and click to take a closer look. 

1. Not just a flannel, but a flannel jacket. Collin calls this a "shacket" aka skirt/jacket. He has one and wears his all the time. 

2. Truthfully, I don't think you can go wrong with simple jackets. You should see our coat closet because I think Collin's outnumber mine. This one has a removable hood which is a cool feature.

3. Frye is a great company for good leather products (they make good purses so I assume they have nice wallets) … a lot of guys prefer a bi-fold and this one is a pretty universal color. Collin is always talking about needing a new wallet so this would be perfect. 

4. Sephora has a perfume sampler for women and a cologne sampler for men. If you don’t know what cologne he prefers this is a great idea because after he figures out which one he likes, he is able to bring the sample bottle back into Sephora and they will give him the medium size bottle of that particular cologne. So basically you’re paying for a cologne but the guy has options. Such a cool idea!

5. Nixon has amazing watches and this is a good universal for all men. Collin panics if he leaves the house without a watch. I love the shape of this one too. 

6. I'm lucky if I can get Collin to go jean shopping. Most of the time, he doesn't want to go or is just too particular to pick anything out. AE is a basic go-to and a gift card would be a good stocking stuffer. 

7. For the shoe lovers who can ALMOST keep up with your shoe collection, these Nikes are great. Collin doesn't love shoes like I do, but he appreciates a quality pair he can wear with everything.

8. Know a band that's coming to a town near you? Buy concert tickets for his favorite artist or game. It’s a win win, a gift for both of you.  

9. What guy doesn't love hats? Well, I'm sure there are a few, but this is a classic you can't go wrong with. 

10. These water bottles are becoming very popular and we don’t want our men dying of thirst. Collin carries a water bottle when he travels and the wood detail on this one is very cool. 

11. For the coffee lover, a nice staple travel mug he can keep in his cabinet. This one is almost gone! 

12. Collin just bought a new gaming system on Black Friday and I think if I gifted him a video game or a new controller, he'd probably renew our vows tomorrow. This is a great gift, but don't plan to see the guy in your life for at least three days. 

13. On a smaller scale, this game is a combo of the board game Clue and Dungeons and Dragons. It's so fun and makes for the perfect game night. 

*Special thank you to my intern Maddie who helped me with the content for this gift guide for him post.