Bold and Beautiful with Saks

What words come to mind when you think of Saks Fifth Avenue? Luxurious, expensive, high end, New York City, nothing I can afford, intimidating, immaculate? Up until a couple of weeks ago, I used those same words to describe this famous department store. 

When I walked into Saks in November for a fragrance event with two local bloggers, everyone was dressed to the nines. Here I was in a basic sweater and black denim I have had for 2 years. I felt intimidated and completely out of place, but I loved the content that was delivered at that event and everyone seemed so genuine. 

I decided I wanted my make up done for New Years. Thankfully Saks had an opening at the Chanel counter and this is probably when I fell in love with the beauty department and its employees. 

Fast forward a couple of months and that brings us to my recent collaboration with NARS at Saks. So I know what you are thinking, why go to Saks because I could just walk into Sephora right? WRONG. I mean you could just go to Sephora, but you won't want to after just one trip to Saks and here's why.

Saks is attainable for everyone. I don't have a secret money tree that allows me to purchase Prada bags and Gucci shoes, but NARS is a high quality, no rules, affordable make up collection.

The customer service at Saks is unreal. When you walk in, you should expect to walk out having made at least one new friend in the beauty department. Then when you come back, the employees will know who you are and ask about your life. Whether your a VIP, a college student, or a newly married young adult you will be treated like a celebrity. This is the biggest and most important difference between Saks and other make up stores. 

Saks offers complimentary beauty services. The beauty team at Saks wants you to experience something memorable each time you visit. They offer custom make overs, brief skin care overview, fragrance discovery, and so much more.

A collaboration with NARS was specifically intriguing to me because this brand is a no rules, no wrong way make up collection. Pretty much describes my make up routine because I like to do my own thing and it's usually something bold. 

I met up with Doysha, Saks associate at the NARS counter, a little over a week ago to start learning all about NARS. I have used their Orgasm blush for years and it will always be my fave. But now, I have a few new recommendations for you.


FullSizeRender (2).jpg

This palette is so striking. The blue eye shadow trend is coming back in the biggest way and this is the perfect palette to try the trend if you're a bit hesitant. 


This illuminator literally gives me life. Okay, well it gives my cheek bones life. I love love love this as a highlighter. You really just have to try it to understand. 


If you know me, you know I love my lip colors. This gloss and liner is so fabulous. I pair it with a pretty pink lip color. This combo is so much fun as we head into spring. 

Special thank you to Doysha and Jessica for making this collaboration so wonderful. If I didn't truly believe that everyone should visit at least the beauty department at Saks, I wouldn't be writing about it. So book your appointment and go check it out. 

Have a beautiful week!



PS- To book an appointment at Saks in the Keystone Fashion Mall, message Jessica on Instagram (@jessica_teambeauty). She will set you up with the perfect team member to customize your needs. If you're reading this and you don't live in Indy (well first of all you should visit) and secondly, check out the Saks nearest you. 

Saks Before and After Image

Saks Before and After Image