The Grey Space: Athleisure
Grey Hoodie,  Magnolia Boutique  || Pink Sneakers,  Magnolia Boutique  || Distressed Jeans,  Express  || Photography,  Casey Ardizzone  

Grey Hoodie, Magnolia Boutique || Pink Sneakers, Magnolia Boutique || Distressed Jeans, Express || Photography, Casey Ardizzone 

Happy Sunday all! I hope it's been a great weekend. Can you believe it's almost March? Yeah, me either... 

Tonight I am sharing something a little different for me. If you follow me, you're probably use to seeing heels, bold lips, and dresses. But, right now I am jumping on the athleisure trend.

You guys, I am so obsessed with this trend. I love that you can really make it whatever you want. I've always been one of those people who has to dress up for pretty much everything and when I dress down, it's full on sweats, no make up, and hair in a bun on top of my head. 

The athleisure trend allows for this kind of grey space between 4 inch pumps with a dress and oversized sweatpants with a 5 year old college tee (which I am totally rocking right now).  

Anyway, one of the great things about this trend is that it usually involves some kind of comfy flat shoe. I've wanted a pair of this kind of pleather quilted flat for a while and I am loving them in this blushy rose pink (and only $29). I have very narrow feet so I am always looking for something that won't give me duck feet and these are perfect. 

This hooded top from Magnolia Boutique is unfortunately out of stock, but you can always do a waffle shirt or simple tee. You can see some ideas below. I decided on distressed jeans for this look but you could easily do leggings if that's what you're feeling.  

I am including some other ideas below so take a look and put together your own athleisure look. I challenge you to try at least one day of athleisure bliss this week.