Celebrating year 24
Navy Jumpsuit,  RaeLynn's Boutique  (STEPH10 for 10% off) || Nude Pumps,  Chinese Laundry  || Photography,  Casey Ardizzone  

Navy Jumpsuit, RaeLynn's Boutique (STEPH10 for 10% off) || Nude Pumps, Chinese Laundry || Photography, Casey Ardizzone 

Birthday's are such a wonderful time to celebrate your accomplishments, your failures, your challenges, and your growth. It's crazy to think I am celebrating number 24. I definitely don't feel old enough to be out of school, married, and buying a house, but here we are!

Tonight I wanted to share 24 things I've learned about myself, beliefs I have, and just some random thoughts in general. This list might seem all over the place, but hopefully it's a relatable read.

1. I'm proud of who I am.

2. Sometimes people just suck and you can't change that.

3. It's important to have something that you do for you, something you are passionate about.

4. I can't stand when people lie to me.

5. My favorite wine is Reisling and my staple drink is a vodka sour. 

6. This life would be so sad if I didn't have Collin to share it with.

7. I binge watch Netflix or Hulu at least once a week. Grey's, Gilmore Girls, Chicago Med, and Modern Family are my favorites.

8. Never miss an opportunity to travel.

9. Budgeting is in fact very important. Especially with $50K in student loans (cough, cough). 

10. I am good at putting things together if it's all in front of me, but with just an empty room, I struggle. 

11. If I could live anywhere, it would be in the mountains.

12. My dream is to conduct fashion interviews on the red carpet, but I would be so paranoid that I would pronounce a designer name incorrectly.

13. I have this strange obsession with everything being fair and have since I was little. We all know that things are rarely "fair."

14. When people don't follow through with something they said they would do, it really pisses me off. 

15. Excuses are a waste of time and energy. Stop making them. 

16. Never give up on your friends and hold them close. Even if you haven't heard from them in a while, just shoot a "thinking of you" text. 

17. It's okay to have an "unproductive day" although that really doesn't exist in my life. 

18. You need to have goals. Everyone needs goals, otherwise what are you working toward?

19. I spend about an hour and a half getting ready everyday because I believe it's important to look put together so you feel put together. Honestly, it's a motivator for me. 

20. I use to be blonde. Yep... I will share a pic someday. But don't worry my red is here to stay. 

21. I am so thankful my parents taught me how to be an independent, bold, loving woman. 

22. Some people find me intimidating and I am totally fine with that, but I really am a pretty approachable person. I'm just confident in who I am and what I want out of life. 

23. I love talking to people and sharing my fashion and beauty knowledge. I am not a professional make up artist by any means, but I really enjoy it. 

24. I always like to have a plan, but sometimes it's okay to just go with it and sometimes you actually need to think ahead. It's a healthy balance. 

Here's to many more birthdays and a great weekend ahead.