Authentic is best.
Knit Dress,  Boutique Elise  (use the code 'TrendyInIndy' for 15% off) ||  Black Heels , Steve Madden ||  Black Crossbody , Express ||  Fossil Watch  ||  Sunglasses , Express || Photography,  Casey Ardizzone  

Knit Dress, Boutique Elise (use the code 'TrendyInIndy' for 15% off) || Black Heels, Steve Madden || Black Crossbody, Express || Fossil Watch || Sunglasses, Express || Photography, Casey Ardizzone 

Last week, I had an IU student reach out to me to do an interview for one of her business classes. Her assignment was to write a speech about someone she admires in the business world. Let me just preface this with this is one of the many reasons I love what I do. 

When we talked, Hannah told me she had shopped at RaeLynn's for her prom dresses and knew a little of my history there and also has been following my blog. For this assignment, Hannah was instructed to come up with three characteristics of the person she selected to interview. For me she picked: hard-working, passionate about helping others, and authentic. 

Wow, I thought. How cool for someone who has been following me on social media to be able to nail these three characteristics, but especially authentic. Everyone says you only see the good on social media, which is sometimes true. I mean believe me, I have sick days, bad hair days, no make up days, and I like my 5 year old sorority sweatshirt with faded black leggings and you probably haven't seen much of that on my Instagram. But mostly, I use my blog as a way to inspire not to show a "perfect life." 

In starting Trendy in Indy and just as a way I choose to live my life, being authentic is so importance to me. In the blog world, it's so easy to get caught up in the want to have designer everything. I will only talk about businesses or products that I genuinely believe in. I sadly don't live in a house that has fabulous natural lighting (which yes, that does make pictures difficult sometimes). I live within my means most of the time, I have a shit ton of student loans, I'm a workaholic, I believe in getting up and getting ready in the morning because it helps me feel ready to conquer the day. Some people find me intimating, but mostly I'm just confident in who I am and what I want to do with my life. 

Thank you Hannah for following and inspiring this post. I am so thankful that Trendy in Indy is doing exactly what I hoped and teaching others that being you is the best thing you could do. 

I hope you have an awesome week!



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