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Shop this whole look below! || Photography,  Casey Ardizzone  

Shop this whole look below! || Photography, Casey Ardizzone 

Who has taken those personality tests that tell you how you function in a work environment, your strengths/weaknesses, how you communicate, how you function in a relationship, how you study, how you treat others, etc? I have taken quite a few in my lifetime and think they can really add value if you know how to put the results into action. 

I recently met up with an Indy local, Nicole of Nicole Blair Wear. Nicole specializes in styling, but also works with clients on highlighting their individual personalities. 

Part of the collaboration I am doing with Nicole involved a strengths test. I personally love these and get so much out of them each time I take them. The difference here is that this particular test focuses strictly on your strengths and rates them 1-24 in order of most importance to you after answering a series of questions.

In my initial discussions with Nicole, she really changed my opinion on these personality tests. So often when I take them, I focus completely on areas where I need to improve instead of dedicating myself to what I am actually good at and and could be even better if I focused on those. 

So I took this test and these are my top 9 strengths:

So let me tell you that these are spot on. Nicole is now helping me with how I can use these specifically for my personal brand. The biggest one for me is honesty and if you've been following, you know that I don't do a collaboration that I don't 100% believe in. I'll always write honest reviews and feedback. 

I think tests like these are critical to understanding how you function in life in general. They help you understand why you react the way you do or how you make decisions. So if you want to take it, click here. I would love to know your results in the comments of at least your top 5 strengths. 

Here's to understanding your strengths and using them to reach your full potential.



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