Cruise Recap + 5 Cruising Tips
All products I am wearing are linked below!

All products I am wearing are linked below!

What a week! You guys we had the best time on our cruise. I wanted to share a brief recap and include a few cruising tips especially if you've never cruised before.

This was my third cruise with Royal Caribbean and I am honestly not sure I would cruise with a different company. Their service is outstanding, the food is fabulous, and cruising is such an easy way to see different islands (or cities, etc). 

For this cruise, we were on Majesty of the Seas. I am not sure I would do this small of a ship again as it was very small compared to what I have been on. Here is a recap of our itinerary:

Day 1: Left Port Canaveral. If you select a cruise that leaves from Port Canaveral, I highly suggest Harry Potter World at Universal studios. 

Day 2: CocoCay (Royal Caribbean's private island). We went snorkeling and hung out at a sandbar while we were there. It was such a fun excursion and the water was unbelievable. 

Day 3: Nassau, Bahamas. Have you ever watched Holiday in the Sun with Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen? Well I pretty much planned to live this movie in real life at Atlantis. Let me tell you, it was amazing. The resort is incredible to see and the water park is so much fun. I will say that I am glad we did an excursion here and didn't just book a whole vacation at Atlantis. The people were not overly friendly and I think it's a bit overpriced. But, the lazy river... You have to do it! SO much fun. 

Day 4: Cruising. I was excited to be able to relax and read a book. Collin got a bit bored because he doesn't enjoy just laying by a pool all day so he walked around the ship for a bit. It was nice that we just had one cruising day so we could relax and not feel obligated to do an excursion.

Day 5: Back at Port Canaveral. The one thing that really stinks about cruises is that you have to get off the ship in the morning. Well our flight wasn't until 7:30pm so we sat at the Orlando airport for about 9 hours. We could have rented a car and explored but we didn't want to spend anymore money. 

So for those of you who have never cruised before, it's a really great way to see several places at a fairly reasonable price and you never have to worry about being hungry! Here are a few tips for you. 

Cruise Tips:

  1. Be prepared for a small state room. The rooms on a cruise are small and that's all there is to it. Make sure you pack accordingly. Thankfully suitcases normally fit under the bed and they generally provide hangers so you can unpack.

  2. The sun in the Caribbean is much more intense than you might think. I don't care who you are, but sunscreen is necessary. You have to protect your skin from those harmful rays. I've been burned plenty of times so I've learned my lesson (sort of). Take SPF 50 if you are fair skinned and wear a hat to protect your face.

  3. Know that there are hidden costs you may not know about up front. On a cruise, you have to pay gratuity that is automatically charged to your account. This helps tip your stateroom attendant and wait staff throughout the ship. Alcohol is also not included. You can do a drink package for $50 per day per person, but if you don't drink more than 5 drinks in a day, it isn't worth it.

  4. If you get bored easily, pick a cruise that has minimal cruising days. Like I said above, Collin was bored on our cruising day and was glad we only had one of those. The ships have so many things to do, but you may not be interested in all of them. If you select a larger ship, you do have more options.

  5. Don't feel like you have to do an excursion at every stop. We decided to do excursions this time, but at CocoCay we really didn't need to since it's the private island for Royal Caribbean. However, I never suggest getting off at an island and taking a taxi somewhere. Mostly because with a planned excursion, you will easily be able to get back to the ship. If you just hop in a taxi, who knows how you will be able to get back and you really don't want to miss the ship.

Hopefully you enjoyed this recap and thesecruising tips! Take a look at more pictures below.