Best Places to Shop for Swimsuits
TopShop from  Nordstrom

TopShop from Nordstrom

Embroidered Suit from  Target

Embroidered Suit from Target

White Two Piece Choker,  Forever 21

White Two Piece Choker, Forever 21

Floral Embroidered One Piece,  Lun0us

Floral Embroidered One Piece, Lun0us

Two Piece Floral Suit,  Asos

Two Piece Floral Suit, Asos

Who else struggles to shop for swimsuits? When Victoria's Secret first announced they would no longer be doing swimsuits, I panicked a little because that was my go to. Thankfully, I've discovered new retailers I love that carry swim. Here's a list and a few pieces of advice on these retailers to shop for swimsuits. 

  1. Target: Target is great to shop for swimsuits because they generally have suits that fit well and can be exchanged easily if needed. The only issue is that everyone shops Target swim so be prepared to see your suit on others at the beach. 
  2. Aerie: I love the #aeriereal campaign. I honestly think it's amazing and it's a huge reason I shop for swimsuits there. Same as Target, a lot of people do shop Aerie. 
  3. Lunous: I recently partnered with Lunous and I honestly love the suit I got from there. You can use the code INDYLUNOUS for 10% off. These are a good price point, but just watch the fit and pay attention to size charts. 
  4. SheIn: Okay swimsuits for under $15 I honestly thought way too good to be true. I love the suit I got from them, but I will say the top did not fit me without alterations. I didn't care so much about that because the whole suit was $12. The quality is pretty decent though and you really can't beat the prices. 
  5. Forever21: They have some great suits that are more of a trendy look which I really appreciate. Their prices are also pretty decent. 
  6. Nordstrom: Great suits, great quality, higher price points. It really just depends what you are looking for, but I do suggest shopping their sale at the end of the season. 
  7. Asos: Love my two piece floral suit from there. The bottoms are a bit big so just watch the size charts if you order from them. 
  8. Red Dress Boutique: Their swim is so cute, but it does sell out quickly. I linked my favorites below.
  9. Magnolia Boutique: This is a local online boutique and they just launched their swim collection. It's so cute and you should check it out. 

I've linked a ton of my favorites for you below! Have a great week.



Favorites from SheIn:

Favorites from Aerie:

Favorites from Nordstrom:

Other faves from Red Dress, Target, and more