Life Update
Life Update by popular Indianapolis blogger Trendy in Indy

For tonight's post I thought I would share some life updates with you. Please excuse the randomness that this post might be because it pretty much describes my brain right now. First of all, this whole holiday midweek thing is really throwing me off, anyone else?

Life Update - Personal

Our house is getting closer and closer to being done each day (obviously). I've decided if I don't lose my mind by the end of August it will be a huge win. If you know me personally, you know that I like for everything to have a place. Right now we have started packing and cleaning out closets and I feel like everything is everywhere. We are trying to coordinate so many things and it feels a bit overwhelming. I know it will all get done and we will be moving before we know it but believe me I am ready for it. 

Oh also I like to plan ahead and am not the best interior decorator so please imagine me trying to purchase decor for an entirely blank space. It's been a challenge to say the least and also a bit comical. But I did discover that I love Anthropologie's home collection and some items are additional 30% off right now. Here are some items I've purchased for our home:


We are headed to DISNEY WORLD next week and I cannot wait. I can promise you a full review with the help of my friend Halee who has planned our whole trip. 

I also have some upcoming travel collaborations and can't wait to share the details. 

Life Update -Beauty

Merle Norman. That's pretty much all I have to say, you need to go check it out. I have a whole new skincare routine thanks to my fellow beauty enthusiast, Ericka. Follow my Instagram story to see my favorite products from them. I will be doing more beauty tutorials there.

If you are more of an online beauty shopper, here are my current favorites:

Life Update by popular Indianapolis blogger Trendy in Indy
Life Update by popular Indianapolis blogger Trendy in Indy


Life Update - Fashion

So I know in the fashion industry, everything happens ahead of time. Like how fall fashion is already starting to come out, but I am just not ready for it! I feel like we've had such a mild summer so far. So to see some of my summer faves click here, here, and here. You can use the code TRENDY15 at RaeLynn's Boutique.

Life Update -Trendy in Indy

SO MANY EXCITING THINGS. I feel like being an influencer is keeping me somewhat grounded right now because I really just love this part of my life.

I have collaborations coming up with Boutique Elise, Welly Merck, Smile Brilliant, Fit Life Tea, Monat, Allura Boutique, and more. The most recent avenue I am exploring is more travel blogging so stay tuned for that. 

I was recently featured by Pattern, Indy's local fashion magazine and that was such a huge honor. To read the entire Q&A, click here

Some inspiration for you

For some reason, I have been so hard on myself lately. I feel like because my brain is everywhere, I can't dedicate myself 100% to one thing. I found this quote the other day and really love it so I am trying to hold on to that in the moments where I feel like I am loosing my mind. 

"Be the kind of woman that makes other women want to up their game."

Here's to enjoying the rest of summer and all the experiences left to come!