My Hair Secrets - The Best Hair Extensions
Floral Maxi,  Red Dress Boutique  || Black Wedges,  RaeLynn's Boutique  || Hair Extensions, Great Lengths by  Extensions by Marie  || Photography,  Hannah De Kam

Floral Maxi, Red Dress Boutique || Black Wedges, RaeLynn's Boutique || Hair Extensions, Great Lengths by Extensions by Marie || Photography, Hannah De Kam

If you've been following me you know that I grew mermaid hair overnight. Well, sort of. I've been wanting to try hair extensions for a while now and really didn't want clips in and the hassle that comes with those on a daily basis. 

When I connected with Marie, I was excited to see what hair extensions options she would offer. I had virtually no knowledge of extensions other than the fact that I wanted my long hair back. Marie offers a free consultation to her clients so that you can get a feel for what the extensions will be like on your whole head. Marie is a platinum stylist with Great Lengths and told me that her career really took off back in the Britney Spears days when everyone wanted her long hair. It was nice to get to meet her and learn a little bit about Great Lengths too. 

Great Lengths are basically the Prada of hair extensions. They are formed with a keratin bond like your natural hair while other companies use plastic. Marie used a heat technology to set the bond that will last for about 6 months. No they are not glued to my head and the process to take them out is quick and easy also. She demonstrated this on the extensions she put in during my consult.

This is the part that weirds some people out. These hair extensions are made with real human hair. However, Marie assured me that this hair comes from temples in India and that no one was forced to grow their hair and cut it for Great Lengths. When she told me that I was very caught off guard. Yes, some companies actually force women (or maybe men) to grow out their hair and then cut it for extensions or it is cut by surprise on the streets. Isn't that so awful?! Great Lengths uses ethical business practices.  

These are the extensions that everyone in Hollywood uses. In fact these are the extensions that Brad Pitt wore in Troy and Jennifer Aniston has used them as well. 

So what about care? Marie told me to treat these as if I grew the hair on my own. It is high end hair so treat it as such. No drugstore products which I don't use anyway.

So because I know not all of you have extensions or a desire to have extensions, I wanted to share some of my other hair secrets with you that give me volume, shiny, curl, and more. I will do an entire vlog on this soon with more details.

Hair Extensions Products I use:

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray

Oribe Supershine Moisturizing Cream

Monat Intense Repair Shampoo and Conditioner

Monat Root Lift

Monat Sculpting Taffy

If you have specific questions about hair extensions, always feel free to reach out to me! Hopefully you enjoyed learning about some of my hair secrets and Great Lengths extensions. 



My Hair Secrets - The Best Hair Extensions by Indianapolis hair extensions Trendy in Indy