Our First Anniversary
Our First Anniversary by popular Indianapolis blogger Trendy in Indy
Our First Anniversary by popular Indianapolis blogger Trendy in Indy
Photography,  De Kam Studios

Photography, De Kam Studios

It's honestly hard to believe that a year ago at this time we were celebrating our marriage with friends and family at our reception. I remember bits and pieces of the day and certain moments, but it was honestly such a blur (thank goodness for photos and video). 

Collin and I met in middle school actually. We met through a mutual friend and were "dating" other people at the time. We actually started dating our sophomore year of high school and have been together ever since.

Everyone is always surprised when I tell them that we went to different colleges, I studied abroad, lived in NYC for a summer, and we stayed together through it all. We learned how to be individuals first, then a couple, and grew together. We are both thankful we had our own college experiences, but trusted each other enough that if it was meant to be it would be.

In July 2015, we got engaged just 2 months after we graduated college. We planned a wedding for 11 months and got married a year ago. Even though we've been together for 8 years we are still learning about each other. I wanted to share several things with you guys in this post so keep reading.

What Collin has learned about me this year:

  • She is very good about putting a house together.
  • She makes a house a home with ease.
  • She does not know how the volume works on her phone when she is watching videos.

What I've learned about Collin:

  • He is very specific about the way the pantry is organized. 
  • He does absolutely anything he can to make me happy, even when I'm pissy. 
  • He cooks better than I ever will.
  • He is extremely handy and finds a way to make it work.
  • He still doesn't like having his picture taken.
  • He is way more detail oriented than I am.
  • He will always support my passion as long as it doesn't completely take a toll on me or our relationship.

The reality is that our first year of marriage has been awesome and challenging. Collin and I have built a solid foundation that works for us and we have the most supportive friends and family. However, we have different ideas on how to spend money, how to decorate, what to eat for dinner, and so on. The biggest thing we've learned this year is when to compromise and when to move forward from the little things that bug us.

Advice we have for newly weds (or even newly engaged couples):

  • Be okay for things to not be "your way" all the time.
  • Appreciate the quirky personality traits.
  • If you start to notice that something is affecting your relationship in a negative way, figure out what it is, and change it immediately.
  • COMMUNICATE. We often find ourselves coming home from work and continuing to work on the couch while we watch a show we both like and then before we know it, it's bed time and we haven't even updated each other about our days.
  • It's okay to have bad days, but try to remember it's not your spouse's fault.
  • Collin would tell you that every night is date night, but don't forget to get out and do something fun every once and a while. 

I'm sharing a small gallery of our wedding photos and our wedding video with you below. Wishing you a wonderful week.



Our First Anniversary by popular Indianapolis blogger Trendy in Indy