My Secrets to Staying Healthy
Purple Romper,  RaeLynn's Boutique  || Makeup,  Ericka Kresge  || Heels,  Target  || Photography,  Casey Ardizzone

Purple Romper, RaeLynn's Boutique || Makeup, Ericka Kresge || Heels, Target || Photography, Casey Ardizzone

I can't believe it's August already! Collin and I are getting ready to move and to celebrate our first married anniversary. Life is flying.

With August comes back to school for so many people and also a change in seasons. I don't know about you guys, but usually once I was back at school I was sick within the month. To be honest, I use to get sick pretty easily. A lack of sleep is a big tigger for my immune system to attack. 

But, I am proud to say that I actually haven't been sick since October 2016 which is pretty unheard of for me. I have been sick every February for as long as I can remember. One year I missed 14 days of school and one year I had mono. So what's my secret? Well... I have a few.

Now when I start to get that itchy sore throat or start sneezing which I know signals a cold, I have what I call my "sickness stay away" remedy. I use these three products: Throat Coat (tea), Airborne, and Thieves essential oil from Young Living.

You guys I am so serious, I swear by this remedy. I start my day with Airborne or Throat Coat (whichever is easier for me or sounds best in the morning). Sometimes I will chew the Airborne tablets throughout the day or suck on a cough drop with Vitamin C. Then at night, I usually do Throat Coat because I like tea before bed. As I am getting into bed, I rub Thieves all over the bottoms of my feet and sleep with socks.

In the morning, I feel almost 100% better. If I don't, I continue the remedy until I feel like I am not getting sick anymore. And hence, no sick visits or sick days since October last year. Now I don't think you can do all of this and not sleep because that probably won't work.

The one product you are probably hesitant about is the Thieves essential oil. Believe me, I was too. I really didn't know much about essential oils until I started getting my brows done with Trisha Fish Beauty. Trish actually sells these oils and has been so helpful in how they can benefit me. I now own a whole slew of oils and use them in my daily life. I would much rather use something natural than be on an antibiotic. If you have questions, definitely contact her here or here

I am linking all of these remedies here for you guys plus a few more favorites. Here's to staying healthy this year!