Nighttime Skincare with Merle Norman

You're getting ready for bed and thinking, "I'm here because Steph told me to come look at this before I go to bed." Why yes I did, because skincare is SO important plus this video is kind of comical.

I am sharing my nighttime skincare routine with Merle Norman. I want to point out that none of my posts I do about Merle are sponsored. I truly just love the product and the relationships I've built with the artists at the local stores here in Indy. 

Sidenote, it's always funny to watch yourself do something that you do on a daily basis. Good thing I don't plan to take videos of me eating because I am pretty sure I would judge myself (haha).

Anyway, this video includes my full routine which I know that maybe a fraction of you might do. So, I also talk about the three most important elements that should be included in your routine so your skin will love you.