I am.
Sweater  ||  Jeans  || Shoes (sold out, but click  here ,  here , and  here  for similar) || Photography taken by:  Holyn Huizinga

Sweater || Jeans || Shoes (sold out, but click here, here, and here for similar) || Photography taken by: Holyn Huizinga

Have you guys ever listen to a song a million times, but then one day you actually hear the words? It's like Pandora is speaking right to your heart and begging you to listen. 

This just happened to me the other day with the song "Pretty Girl" by Maggie Lindemann. The whole song is basically about the idea that she's "not just a pretty girl." I felt so connected to her words in this song because they are so incredibly true. So that got my wheels turning and inspired this post. Let me start by saying, I'm not just a "blogger" that takes selfies and has cute OOTD posts.


I am putting this first because it should be my first priority and is often my last. I have a husband that needs me, needs to feel heard and supported, needs to feel that I am a partner in this marriage not just a body. Most days, I do a pretty good job. Other days, I sit on the couch and work while he makes, serves, and cleans up dinner because somehow work is more important. I'm trying to change that...


When I was little, my parents gave me the world more or less. They are older and were so thankful to have children at their age. Sometimes I forget that they still need me to be their little girl. They rely on me and they've always been my biggest supporters. Sometimes I wish I could take back some of the selfish things I said. I continue to work on being eternally grateful for their love and guidance. 


From the time my brother came home from the hospital to now, I've always felt the need to protect him and shelter him although I didn't always show it. We were best buddies until I turned 12 or so. Then things changed. We had different ideas of what a friend was, different ideas of right and wrong, and different concepts of life in general it seemed. It wasn't until I went to Butler that we started to grow close again. I learned that "different" and "liberal" were okay. You have no idea how much I wish I could take back the hateful words I know I said to Brad as a teenager, but I think he's forgiven me. I'm so thankful for you buddy and I love watching you grow and figure out life in your own way (as much as I want to tell you how to do things, like always). 


I'm always the planner, the mediator, and the confidant in my friend groups. I have a lot of "friends" but I have about 7 I could call who would be by side at the drop of a hat if I needed them. Lately it seems that my friendships are changing and new ones are blooming. I can't tell you the number of times I forget to respond to a text because I am so caught up with whatever is happening in my own life. Embrace your friends and take time to value the relationship because you need good people in your life that you can count on. 


Just like you, I am human. I have very real and raw feelings and I am not afraid to show them. I know when you lie to me. I know when you make subtle jabs at me and sometimes words do hurt. I know when you love me. I am comfortable in my own skin, a confidence that can be intimidating and I'm okay with that. I have political opinions although they probably don't make sense. I believe that there is good in this world and that the power of community is significant. Lastly, I am authentic and always will be with you. 

So what are you besides what others perceive you as?

Cheers to a great weekend!