Boyne Highlands Ski Resort Review

This Christmas we decided to make a memory instead of giving gifts. Let's just say, it might become a new tradition.

We all realized this year that we didn't really need anything at all. I've always wanted to learn how to ski and my mom is great at the sport. We figured Michigan would be a good place to start and we could drive. I asked around and received several recommendations for Boyne Highlands. After a few phone calls to determine availability, we booked two rooms December 26-29. 

I had visions of a winter wonderland of sorts, but Boyne Highlands Ski Resort was so much more beautiful than I could have imagined. The drive into Boyne was rather snowy which helped set the tone for this winter getaway. Upon our arrival at Boyne Highlands Ski Resort, we checked into the hotel and headed to Slopeside Lounge for a drink and pizza. I was pleased that they offered a delicious gluten free pizza, probably one of the best I've had. 

On the first day, my dad, Collin, and I had a scheduled a lesson to learn how to navigate the slopes. Collin opted to try snowboarding while dad and I preferred to ski. It was about a two hour lesson that ended with us making our way down the bunny hill. The lesson was helpful in learning the basics of how to stop, how to use the edge of the skis to navigate, and in understanding the rules of the slopes. However, if I were to do it again, I think a private lesson would be best. We were in a group of about 8 other people learning to ski and it was a bit challenging as everyone had a different pace. 

I stayed on the bunny hill the rest of the day with Collin. Mom helped me understand how to use my downhill ski to maintain control. Dad threw in the towel in the middle of the day as his knees were giving him quite a bit of grief. 

Day two at Boyne Highlands Ski Resort started slow. Everyone was hearing their muscles screech in pain, except my mom because she's awesome. I hit the bunny slope a couple of times to feel my skis beneath me and make sure my legs weren't going to give out. After a short break inside to warm up my hands, I made my way to the green and blue trails with mom and Brad. Collin decided snowboarding wasn't for him and just hung out inside the resort for a while. 

Our nights at the Boyne Highlands Ski Resort were spent at dinner, enjoying our chosen drinks, and playing cards. Below I am detailing more of our trip with bullet points so you can read quickly. 

Boyne Highlands Ski Resort - Where we ate:

  • Slopeside Lounge at the resort
  • Teddy Griffin's Roadhouse (about a 5 minute drive off the resort property)
  • Lunch in the dining hall right off the slopes

Boyne Highlands Ski Resort Pros:

  • Boyne Highlands is a ski in, ski out resort.
  • The bunny slope is free.
  • The rental equipment is excellent.
  • The majority of the staff was very friendly and accommodating.
  • The slopes are amazing and so scenic. 
  • Ski valet was fabulous. They had an area right outside the main lodge where we could store our gear so we didn't have to take it back to the room each night. 

Boyne Highlands Ski Resort Cons:

  • Skiing is expensive. For the price we paid to stay, have a ski lesson, and purchase life tickets, we could have probably gone on a cruise.
  • Some of the staff had been hired just for the holidays and that was obvious.
  • The restaurant selections were limited at the resort. They only had two actually and it was quite busy.
  • A wing of the resort was closed when we were there and we had to walk outside to get to the main area of the lodge and all dining options. 

Boyne Highlands Ski Resort Tips:

  • Layer! I cannot stress enough how important it is to layer when you are participating in winter sports. 
  • Gloves, wool socks, and a neck scarf are all necessary items.
  • If you're learning how to ski and you find yourself frustrated, it's okay to take a break. 
  • Don't do anything you're not ready for because you risk putting yourself and others in danger.
  • If you're learning how to ski, learn how to zigzag across the slope. Remember to put weight in your downhill ski!
  • Take snacks and your own alcohol if you're trying to watch your spending.

Overall, it was so wonderful to get away as a family. I would highly recommend Boyne Highlands to new and experienced skiers. 

Have a wonderful weekend!