Trendy U: Personal Fashion Service

Over the last year as Trendy in Indy has experienced tremendous growth, you've been asking for a personal fashion service. Now it's here.

Trendy U was created to help you design a life you love, one trend at a time. I've created seven detailed services to assist you with all of your styling and wardrobe needs. You'll find everything from Trendy Packing to Trendy Shop Local Mini Sessions to Trendy Personal Shopping. 

When you hear "trendy" you might think of other words or phrases like fashion-forward, high-fashion, perfection, always put together, always wearing something new. I'd like to offer a new thought process for you behind the idea of being "trendy."

Trendy to me means being fashionable in your own way while feeling confident, positive, and beautiful in your own skin. I've learned over that years that I've worked in retail and in the fashion industry that when people feel good about themselves, they are able to accomplish more and feel confident in their decision-making ability. 

To show an example of the services I am offering, my good friend Kat allowed me to do the Trendy Wardrobe with her a couple of weeks ago and she's even shared her experience below. Let's look at what we did:


Kat hadn't cleaned her closet out in a while. We went through each and every piece together and decided what to keep and what to toss. Many items she had, she had only worn once or twice and didn't plan to wear again. Other pieces she had worn since high school and it was time for them to go. As we went through, she mentioned how much she realized her style had changed and needed to be updated.

The clean out:

Kat had six full bags of clothing to take to Goodwill and Plato's Closet. She had so much so I didn't recommend Poshmark because it can be overwhelming when you do a massive clean out. She had been keeping her shoes in a laundry basket that she really couldn't even get to or go through. Now all of her shoes line the bottom of her closet beautifully and she can easily see each style. 


You'll notice the amount of empty hangers and the visible organization that now exists in Kat's closet. I kept telling her that when you are organized it's easier to pair outfits and honestly, you're just more productive when your life is organized even if it starts with your closet. 

To view all of the fashion services I am offering, click here. Have questions? Feel free to email me at 

I am looking so forward to this new venture.



Kat's experience from her perspective: 

Let me just start off by saying… holy moly ya’ll! I never really realized how much I had in my closet that I literally never and when I mean never, I mean literally still had tags on, never wore! So Steph and I have known each other for 10 years, and 10 years ago our styles were so different than what they are now, and honestly my style has changed even more now that I own a boutique. To be even more honest I still don’t know what my style is, but here is what I did learn: 1. I do not and I repeat, do not wear dresses (something about my legs looking like chicken legs, Ha!) 2. Off the shoulder is a no go for me, ever since I had my daughter I feel like I need to wear tanks under everything (another story for another day). 3. Graphic Tee’s = not me / who am I trying to be by wearing these? 

Let’s just say I would rather sit in a McDonald’s drive thru for 2 hours waiting for a coke than clean out my closet. It’s so nice to have someone that knows you so well to be able to help you with that. First off, it’s so much fun to have a girlfriend to chat with while watching Christmas Hallmark movies and laughing about the horrible, and I mean absolutely horrible items of clothing that were in my closet. Steph was amazing at helping me open my eyes to the things I never wore or will never wear, things I need to add my wardrobe, and new ways of pairing outfits together that I never would have thought of.

It is amazing though, while cleaning out my closet we came across a simple little black dress, although it wasn’t so simple. It is a dress that I have hung on to for almost 8 years guys! It was a dress that I bought when my now husband and I were dating, I remember wearing it to Hard Rock Café in Orlando, and oh boy did I look good! As we were going through my closet and we stumbled across that dress and Steph held it up, I teared up, I mean who cries over a little black dress… I do! Any item of clothing that makes such am impact like that is one you never let go. Hopefully some day that’s one I can pass down to my daughter, but we will see. She will probably be like, “Oh lord mom that’s so 2000s.”

This experience with Steph was not only fun, but truly eye opening. Hopefully from this day forward (which lucky for me it is a new year which means new start!) I can: 1. Keep my closet clean and organized, 2. Be more aware of what I am buying instead of buying just to buy, and 3. Try and think outside the box when it comes to pairing things together!

So, cheers to phase two with Steph where we are going to go and shop for some major life changing (I know dramatic, but seriously!) pieces that will enhance my wardrobe in so many ways.

Xoxo - Kat