Why Followers Unfollow Influencers
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As an influencer, it's so important to engage with your audience. I am constantly asking for feedback on what my followers want to see next, what they like and don't like. When I'm creating content, I want to make sure it will be read versus glanced over.

For this post, I wanted to know why people unfollow influencers. I know it happens daily for various reasons so I asked my audience. I gathered responses and came up with three major issues as to why they would click that unfollow button. 

Sharing Pricy Items Only

This is the number one response I received. So many of my followers noted that they cannot afford a $200 pair of jeans or a $300 sweater. 

The reality for me is that I have a monthly clothing budget that I cannot exceed. I like to mix and match what I already have with a new piece here and there. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE to shop and if I had an endless budget, I could probably buy something new everyday. 

I think the reality for most people is that a $30 top is much more obtainable than a $1000 bag. My followers appreciate my content from local boutiques and that I share a range of price points. They also appreciate my Trendy Pinterest Challenge that encourages you to use items you already have to create a Pinterest inspired look. 

Over Confidence

Many of my followers noted that they will unfollow someone if they "get cocky." Over confidence can be intimidating and can come across as unapproachable which is what you don't want.

I've dealt with this comment for a chunk of my life. People frequently comment on the fact that I come across intimidating so that's something I try to watch. I'm confident in knowing what I want to achieve and where I want my life to go and sometimes that comes across as "move over and let me drive."

Being approachable and remembering to keep yourself grounded is important for anyone that is trying to grow in a career. 


Raise your hand if you constantly sell to your followers. Like in every post. Now, raise your hand if you're a follower and that gets annoying after a while (I'm even raising my hand on this one.)

Enter Jenna Kutcher's Goal Digger Podcast. She is always talking serving before you ever sell. Sometimes as influencers we get so caught up in selling what we are promoting that we forget to serve our audience. We forget to invite them to tell us how their life is going or what their win of the week was.

If you're an influencer reading this and thinking, "but I want my commission from my Liketoknow.it posts so I have to sell," I'm telling you there's a way to do it besides telling your followers to buy this awesome sweater that's on sale at Nordstrom in every single post. 

Now some posts do require a call to action from a selling standpoint. But mix in those posts with other content as well. 

Those were the top three responses I received. Others included posting too much or not enough, not posting quality content or providing any value, and simply just not aligning with personal style.

If you're an influencer reading this, I hope this sheds some light on why you might be loosing followers. 

Trendy Influencer week ends tomorrow with a more personal post.



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