Indy Wine Chats

Happy Sunday friends! I'm starting the week out in Vegas for a quick work trip, but tonight I am so excited to launch a new project.

I've been working with another Indy Influencer, Ericka Kresge, to create Indy Wine Chats. This is sort of our own talk show that will focus on a variety of topics we are passionate about. We will have a new episode every Sunday at 8pm and each episode will be right around 15 minutes. You'll be able to watch on Facebook or our YouTube channel. 

Ericka and I crossed paths in the fashion and beauty industry so that is where our passion starts. Ericka is a mom of four and literally kills it almost everyday in the beauty department, not to mention her family is just precious.

We will be covering a variety of topics: fashion, beauty, heath, fitness, mommyhood, confidence, travel, and all while drinking our favorite wines. Both of us wanted a fun platform, no stress, where we could just chat about life and share personal stories. 

We are excited to see where this takes us and how it grows this year. Thank you as always for your continued support. Enjoy our first episode!