My Nighttime Routine

What is one thing you know for sure about yourself that will never change? For me, it's that I value routine. I enjoy a change in pace every once and a while, but when it comes to bedtime, routine is critical for me. 

Since starting this influencer journey, I'd find myself (and still, sometimes do) on my phone in bed instead of trying to go to sleep. So for 2018, I've started a nighttime routine that helps turn my brain off and get some rest.

I usually head up to our room about 30 minutes to an hour before I actually want to be in bed. I start with skincare. 



My skincare routine is precious to me because I value taking good care of my skin. I don't go to bed without taking my makeup off no matter how tired I might be. My go-to skincare guru, Ericka, told me that for every night you don't take your makeup off, it takes two weeks of a solid skincare regimen to restore and cleanse your skin. If you want to see my full routine, click here


Whiten and Brighten

This next step is one that doesn't happen every single night. Whiten (teeth) and brighten (face) usually happens when I am about to travel, have a photoshoot, or an event coming up. I use some kind of face mask probably 2-3 times a week, just depending on what's going on. The one I'm using here is in a Lapcos set I picked up from Lesley Jane (and yes, you can use my code TRENDYLJB20 on this). Smile Brilliant is my go-to for a teeth whitening product. I did a post with them last summer so you can click here for specific details on this product. I whiten and brighten together because they both take about 20-30 minutes. So I'll do this while I pick my outfit for the next day or do the next step, which is to decompress. 



I've learned that when I work up until the time I lay my head on the pillow, my brain doesn't stop for another hour. So I try to read, stretch, or do something to chill out before I climb in bed. I also use a combination of essential oils. In my diffuser, I'll combine a few drops of lavender, cedarwood, and peace and calming. I roll Thieves on my feet during cold/flu season or when I feel like I'm getting sick. Tranquil is another great blend that I roll on my wrists and back of my neck to help me sleep. 

What's your nighttime routine look like? What do you to do help you feel fully rested for the next day?



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This post was sponsored by Smile Brilliant. All thoughts and opinions are my own.