What Eyes Want Review
Ray-Bans , What Eyes Want ||  Against All Odds , Danielle Steele ||  Striped Top , Madewell 

Ray-Bans, What Eyes Want || Against All Odds, Danielle Steele || Striped Top, Madewell 

If you've been wearing glasses for years like me, you understand the desire to have a couple of different frames so you can decide what you're feeling on any given day. However, you probably also know the expense that comes with frames and lenses. Tonight, I am reviewing a new company I'm partnering with, What Eyes Want

What Eyes Want provides a hassle-free user experience. Their website is crisp and easy to navigate, plus the customer service is efficient. The hardest thing I had to do was my pupillary distance measurement, but they gave me a few options on how to do this and provided images so I could measure accurately. 

Personally, I had not purchased frames online before. I've always been one of those people that has to try on frames in the store to make sure they work with the shape of my face and my skin tone. After years of trying on frames, I've found a few shapes that work best so this selection was easier for me.

I'm usually looking for something a little bit different so I was immediately drawn to these grey Ray-Bans. What Eyes Want features a variety of designer frames priced monthly ranging from $5-$25. The Ray-Bans I selected are $15 per month for 12 months, which is so much more affordable for me than paying $400 at one time. 

I received my glasses about a week after I placed the order online. Since I received these frames, I find myself in my glasses almost more than contacts. The color is amazing because it goes with absolutely everything and it's not too dark on my face. These Ray-Bans are also lightweight so they don't sit heavily on my ears all day and make them sore. 

What Eyes Want does offer a 30-day return policy, no questions asked. This is something that is important to me when ordering glasses online because if I didn't like the frames, I wouldn't want to keep them. They also don't charge you interest for paying over time and if you want to pay off your balance, you can do so at anytime.

If you're looking for new frames, I highly recommend What Eyes Want. I also have a coupon code you can use for 75% off your first month. Enter TRENDY at checkout when you've found the pair your eyes want. 

I'll let you get back to cheering on your favorite team tonight. Or maybe you're watching the game for ads and JT, like me.



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