Celebrating 25: Facts, Thoughts, and Dreams

Celebrating 25: Facts, Thoughts, and Dreams
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Dress, Sweet Olive and Co (TRENDYININDY15) || Steve Madden Heels || Leather Jacket

Dress, Sweet Olive and Co (TRENDYININDY15) || Steve Madden Heels || Leather Jacket

Birthdays have always been a big deal in our family. It's a day to celebrate all that you've accomplished in a year and all that's to come. 

I know I'm interrupting Trendy Travel Week, but I am headed to Chicago today to celebrate turning 25 which just sounds so... weird. To think about all I've been able to do in my 25 years, well it's just crazy. 

When I first started thinking about this post I thought I'd share 25 things I want to accomplish in my next 25 years. Then I started thinking it might be hard to think of 25 things because the path I think I am on changes every year. So instead, I am going to share 25 facts, thoughts, and dreams.  I figured this would be a way for you to connect with me on a more personal level also. 

  1. I value building solid relationships with my friends and family. I've always been a person that needs people I can count on and I need them to know they can count on me too.
  2. Sometimes, I completely overwhelm myself. I say yes to too many people and end up not giving anything my 100% attention.
  3. If I could do anything in the world, I would want to conduct interviews on the red carpet or style on the set of a TV show or the movies. How stinking cool would that be?
  4. My number one goal with Trendy in Indy is to inspire you to be a better version of yourself by defining your own idea of trendiness.
  5. I'm confident in who I am, but not always confident in where I want my life to go. I know I want to be successful, but I'm not sure what that path looks like yet.
  6. Disappointing people and failing are two of my greatest fears.
  7. I also have a strange fear of dying, like I won't be finished with everything I want to accomplish. And when I die, I'm afraid if I pick to be cremated I'll still be alive and be burned to death, but I also don't want to be buried alive. 
  8. This year I learned that I am not a great manager of people who do not share my goals and morals.
  9. I thrive off of positivity and reassurance. I need to hear that I am doing a good job, making a difference, being a good wife, etc. I also need to hear THANK YOU.
  10. I don't understand politics. I never have and I really don't have a desire to. I have my opinions, but rarely voice them because I lack knowledge.
  11. In 2015, I graduated from Butler University with a degree in Strategic Communications where I discovered branding is my passion. So yes, I actually have knowledge on marketing.
  12. I value community over competition. Where would you be without the help of others?
  13. But at the same time, I value hard work and learning the hard way. Sometimes you have to figure it out on your own.
  14. Before we have babies, I want to go to Italy and Greece. I also want to visit a resort where I can stay in a cabana in the ocean with a hammock deck where the water is below me.
  15. When people ask me how I got started as an influencer and how they can start, I want to say DON'T DO IT. Well, depending on the day, but it's so much more than taking pretty pictures.
  16. I listen to a variety of music, but never rap. I am a sucker for the oldies, country especially in the summer, the Lumineers Pandora station, and Justin Timberlake.
  17. If I could live in a house on a lake and have a boat, I'd be set for life. 
  18. Everyone asks me how I balance everything. The truth is, somedays I don't do a good job. But, I've learned to manage my time and I work from the time I open my eyes in the morning to the time I shut them at night. 
  19. I was a competitive dancer most of my life. I was also in show choir and I was a cheerleader.
  20. Everything I learned about fashion has been self-taught or learned on the job. I didn't study fashion in school.
  21. I've always wanted to start a podcast... maybe this will be the year.
  22. I could drink a bottle of Mallow Run Rhubarb by myself and I have a major chocolate sweet tooth. We weren't allowed to eat hard candy growing up, but we always had chocolate and cookies readily available.
  23. My husband is one of the most patient people you'll ever meet, however I am not.
  24. This year I'm headed to: Amsterdam, Zurich, Munich, Salzburg, Denver, Napa Valley, Seattle, and New York City. It's going to be a crazy summer.
  25. I come off intimidating and that's okay with me. But, once you get to know me, you realize I'm a real human being who exudes confidence and kindness. 

So cheers to 25 and another wonderful year together! Thank you as always for following along.