Trendy Swim Challenge
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Oh yes, this is probably exactly what you think it is.

On Sunday night, I shared a photo of myself in a swimsuit to go along with my body shaming post. So many people commented on the photo and messaged me that I was so brave for sharing that photo and that I was so confident for posting a photo in a swimsuit.

Well, guys. Tonight I am challenging you to take that same confident plunge. Our society trains us, especially as women, that our bodies define us. If you read Sunday's post, you know that I shared a story on how young this body shaming issue actually starts. 

Our bodies are one small part of who we actually are. They do not define us. Our societal roles, our characteristics, the fact that we are good friends, wives, sisters, mothers, daughters.... That's what defines us.

I'm starting the Trendy Swim Challenge to show generations of young women that we are confident, that we are strong, that the media cannot control what our bodies "should" look like. 

So what am I calling you to do?

  1. Head to your social media channels and post a photo of yourself in a swimsuit. It can be a mirror selfie, a photo on the beach, whatever you feel confident with. Believe me, I know this is not an easy challenge.
  2. In the caption or on a sign in the photo, tell the world why you are confident. Tell the world what you love about yourself. Tell the world who you are and what you are doing to make a positive impact on our society.
  3. Use the hashtag #TrendySwimChallenge (and tag me if you want to @trendyinindy).
  4. Post away!

My goal is to make an impact on the young women we are raising in this society. I want them to learn to love themselves, heck I want all of us to learn that. 

So cheers to confidence, body positivity, and recognizing our strength as women in a world that tells us what we "should" look like. Now go post those beautiful swimsuit photos!