10 Closet Cleaning Tips
10 Closet Cleaning Tips by popular Indianapolis blogger Trendy in Indy

Well since I started the week with spring cleaning, I figured I'd stick to the topic. Tonight I'm sharing 10 cleaning closet tips to effectively clean out your closet.

Cleaning out your closet is so important especially when the seasons change. I'm sure you have some items in there that you haven't worn in months, maybe years. It's time for those to go!

Now, while clean out is important, closet discovery is also something I believe in. This is essentially the process of finding a piece you still love and discovering new ways to style it with different pieces. This is something we do in a few of my Trendy U sessions so I won't go into too much detail on that tonight, but trust me, it can open your eyes to what you already have.

Below I am sharing the general closet cleaning tips. For more details and to see how I do this process, check out my video too.


Tip 1: Organize your closet in a way that makes sense for you. If you have clothing all over the place and no sense of direction it's difficult to see what works well together.

Tip 2: Purge after the seasons, before the start of the next. If it's the end of winter and you haven't worn that cream sweater all season, it's time to go.

Tip 3: Go through your closet two times. It's easy to miss items on the first go-around.

Tip 4: Look at each and every piece from the hanging clothes to the folded pants on the shelf. Think about when you wore it last and when you might wear it again. If the answer is "I don't know" to both questions, it's time to go. 

Tip 5: Determine the value of the items you want to get rid of and if they are sellable. You can use apps like Poshmark or Mercari to sell items in great condition. 

Tip 6: Sit on the items you want to get rid of for a day or so. Go back through them and make sure you are ready to part with them.

Tip 7: Check out Pinterest before you start this process. It's a great resource for outfit inspiration and you might be able to put together something you wouldn't have thought of otherwise. Check out my Trendy Pinterest Challenge, too. 

Tip 8: It's okay to hold on to sentimental items, just don't let them consume your closet. 

Tip 9: I like to hang on to jackets and new items for at least a year before I decide to purge. That way you can see if trends roll back around.

Tip 10: Replace old basics. If your favorite black tee has holes and is pilling, it's time to find a new one.

I hope you guys find these closet cleaning tips helpful and that they inspire you on your next closet clean out.