5 Fashion Hacks to Change Up Your Look

One question I receive frequently is how I change up my look. We all don't have endless shopping budgets so how do you utilize pieces you have, but style them differently?

Today I am sharing five fashion hacks I use almost daily to change up pieces I already have in my closet. One thing to keep in mind is that putting together an outfit is about the head to toe look, not just throwing on a top with a random pair of pants. It takes some strategic planning and effort. 


1. The Classic Knot

Outfits from  Sweet Olive and Co.  (TRENDYININDY15)

Outfits from Sweet Olive and Co. (TRENDYININDY15)

Top from  Harper & Sky  (TRENDYIN15)

Top from Harper & Sky (TRENDYIN15)

Adding a knot to your tops or dresses can completely change the way the item hangs on your body. I generally do this if an item is oversized or just not fitting the way I want it to. I also love to add knots to tops to pair them with a skirt or high waisted denim. 

2. The Front Tuck

Top from  byTavi  (TRENDY20)

Top from byTavi (TRENDY20)

Ali's look is from  Sweet Olive & Co . (TRENDYININDY15)

Ali's look is from Sweet Olive & Co. (TRENDYININDY15)

This is another hack that will give you some shape when you fall in love with a piece that is a bit oversized. In the first photo here, I am wearing my slub tee from byTavi. It's a looser fit so just tucking into my jeans gives me shape and makes it look like I didn't just throw on a tshirt. With Ali's look we tucked in her top because it was a bit too long in the front and cut her off. With the front tuck, it shows off her figure and elongates her legs with a high waisted pant.

3. Utilize Accessories

5 Fashion Hacks to Change Up Your Look by popular Indianapolis fashion blogger Trendy in Indy

Accessories are something we tend to forget including me. But they can give your outfit a totally different vibe if you use the effectively. For example, my ponytail wouldn't be nearly as pretty without this scarf tied into it. The earrings add a good statement piece to a simple outfit. I could also use a colored earring with this look, maybe a red to add that pop. Belts are another accessory to try. I especially love them with high waisted pants.

4. Layer 

Ali's look is from  Sweet Olive and Co.  (TRENDYININDY15)

Ali's look is from Sweet Olive and Co. (TRENDYININDY15)

My striped top is from  Harper & Sky  (TRENDYIN15)

My striped top is from Harper & Sky (TRENDYIN15)

Layer, layer, layer! I can't say it enough. Adding a vest or jacket to a top gives a different vibe. In Ali's look we added a utility jacket because let's be real, it's still cold outside, but also the pink in the jacket pulls out the pink in the dress she's wearing. With my striped top from Harper & Sky, I thought a green utility vest would be fun to give it a more edgy feel. 

5. Shoes Matter

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All of the shoes above could be mixed and matched with the outfits based on where you're headed or what you're feeling. If you're headed to the beach, maybe the sandals are more appropriate. If you plan to do a decent amount of walking, the TOMS would be a solid choice. Maybe you want the shoes to be your statement piece, then I'd suggest the Soludos. 

What about you? What are the fashion hacks you can't live without? Share them in a comment below!