500 Fashion Friday
500 Fashion Friday by popular Indianapolis fashion blogger, Trendy in Indy
Dress, Lesley Jane (TRENDYLJB20)

Dress, Lesley Jane (TRENDYLJB20)

The month of May is filled with excitement in Indy. If you live near the Speedway area, you can hear the roar of the Indy cars most of the month while the city prepares for the greatest spectacle in racing.

In the early years of the Indianapolis 500 running, men showed up in suits while women wore skirts or dresses to observe one of the most exhilarating sports in the world. Most spectators wore fashionable hats as well. The race was quite an event.

Since that time, casual trends have taken over, but not every event surrounding the race is so lax. I’ve created five style tips to your month of May wardrobe in Indy.

  1. Plan ahead. The local boutiques and Indy shops generally stock tanks and tees with fun race phrases like the one I’m wearing here. But, if you miss the launch of these, you might find yourself out of luck. Hoosiers unite over this race and love to sport their race day gear so grab it early.
  2. Think about the weather. I can recall races where I was in jeans, sneakers, and a rain coat. But if it’s a year like the last race, I’d suggest shorts and a tank top. The weather in May in Indianapolis can be a bit tricky, so check it out before heading to any race events.
  3. Consider the event. The 500 Festival supports several events leading up to the race all month long. If you’re heading to the parade, perhaps a checkered sundress is in the cards for you. Maybe your headed to Kids’ Day downtown on a 75-degree, sunny day. I’d say shorts, a lightweight tee, and your most comfortable tennis shoes are a safe bet. Joining in on Breakfast at the Brickyard? Plan to wear something a little dressy such as a chiffon top with black high-waist pants and your favorite earrings. If you’re headed to a backyard BBQ to celebrate the race, a sundress or top and skirt combination is perfect. At the track on race day, you’ll see a variety, but my go-to is a romper or shorts with a breathable tank. Just don’t forget your sunscreen.
  4. Utilize accessories. Accessories can go so far for race month. The women in my family enjoy black and white neckerchiefs, checkered flag earrings, and black pendant necklaces. Also, you can never go wrong with a hat. You can find baseball caps with the IMS emblem at the track on race day if needed. Don’t forget that red earrings can also add that pop of color to a black and white outfit.
  5. When in doubt, wear black and white. If you aren’t sure what to wear, black and white is a safe bet. This color combo is also hot for spring this year which makes shopping a breeze. If it’s sunny, I’d avoid an all-black look or black tops since that color attracts the sun. If you want to shop local for black and white I recommend: Lesley Jane, Sweet Olive, Magnolia Boutique, or Endeavor Boutique.

In 2014, I had the opportunity to serve as a 500 Festival Princess. Growing up as a race fan, this was a huge honor to be able to experience all of the events leading up to the Indy 500 and to act as an ambassador for race month in our city.

If you have the opportunity to attend a 500 Festival event or the race itself, I highly recommend it. The Indy 500 brings our community together to celebrate a race known around the globe that we are able to host right here in this city.

Just remember, black and white is a wardrobe must if you plan to go to any race celebrations during the month of May in Indy.