DIY Halloween Costume Ideas
DIY Halloween Costume Ideas featured by top Indianapolis life and style blog, Trendy in Indy : Donna Pinciotti of That 70s Show

Halloween is just ONE WEEK away. And if you’re anything like me, you’ve either been prepping your costume for a month or you’re scrambling to put something together for the parties this weekend.

I’ll be spending my Halloween in Disney World… bet you can’t guess which princess I’m going to be! But in all seriousness, sometimes the best Halloween costumes are those that you can create right at home.

3 Essential Tips for Creating your DIY Halloween Costume:

  1. Think about who you look like. For me: Ariel, Donna Pinciotti, Ginny Weasley, Sally (Nightmare Before Christmas), Emma Stone, and Daphne from Scooby Doo were all people I thought of.

  2. Use Pinterest then head to your closet. Search DIY costumes on Pinterest and then head to the closet. I’m certain you’ll find you have more than you think.

  3. Makeup is critical. With most DIY costumes, makeup can be the most important step. Hop on YouTube or contact your talented friends to help your look come to life.

7 Creative DIY Halloween Costume Ideas You’ll Love:

Donna Pinciotti- That 70s Show

Sally- Nightmare Before Christmas

Claire Rene crushed this makeup look last year and it was so easy to use a dress I already had.

DIY Halloween Costume Ideas featured by top Indianapolis life and style blog, Trendy in Indy : Sally of Nightmare Before Christmas

So what else could you find in your closet? Here are some ideas:


  • Plaid button up

  • Denim

  • Black booties

  • Straw Hat

  • Red bandana neckerchief

  • Fun makeup


  • Black dress

  • Black leggings (if it's cold)

  • Black booties

  • Witch's hat (I'm certain someone you know has one if you don't)


  • Green dress

  • Shell everything

  • Nude Shoes

  • Makeup will be critical


  • Jean skirt or suede skirt

  • Flannel button down

  • Cowgirl hat

  • Boots


  • Leather leggings or leather skirt

  • White shirt (peasant looking or button up)

  • Red handkerchief tied around your hair

  • OTK boots or black boots

No one said Halloween had to be elaborate (although it usually turns into that). But, just make it something fun that you are comfortable with! 

Cheers to a night of being something fun and creative,


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