Finding adventure anywhere
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I remember being in sixth grade and spring break was rolling around. All of my friends were headed to St. Pete for a week long beach getaway. I, on the other hand, was headed to a cabin in North Carolina.

Growing up with older parents has so many positives, although I didn't always see it that way. My mom and dad aren't the type of people who enjoy sitting on a beach for seven days in a row. In fact, the only time we really went to the beach as a family was for national dance competitions in the summer. That year, all I wanted to do was go banana-boating with my friends.

Spring breaks were always interesting for our family. One year, we rented an RV and drove to Virginia. We took a tour of an aircraft carrier and visited a village where people create reenactments of the Civil War. Another year, we visited the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green. But, my favorite trips were to Disney World.

Looking back, I didn't always appreciate the experiences my parents provided. I actually have a photo of me sitting on the dock of where the aircraft carrier was displayed, looking bored out of my mind. But here's the thing, these experiences are filled with memories. Not many other kids can say they've been to 17 states mostly due to these family vacations.

We went on a ski trip to Boyne in December and had such a great time as a family. At 67, my mom had no fear hopping on a black diamond on day one. Don't get me wrong, she's done quite a bit of skiing in her day, but I was impressed. 

My point to all of this is that life is an adventure. The joy is in the journey. As punny as these might be, the words are so true. I wish I would have appreciated these trips a bit more when I was younger. So no matter what your spring break has in store (or even future travel plans), you can find adventure anywhere.