Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018: New Years Goals

Goodbye 2017:

Well, 2017, it's been real. When the year began, I was starting to receive my first collaborations as an influencer and I was ecstatic. Collin and I were discussing house-hunting. My brother was starting his semester abroad in China. Mom and dad were loving and supporting us as always. 

This year brought challenging changes for us, changes that I am thankful for and still growing from. We built our home (which currently has a frozen pipe), but we love our Weber Homestead so much. I made a career change which has been both challenging and rewarding. This brand I've built as Trendy in Indy continues to grow. 

I had the opportunity to travel to Las Vegas, Orlando, the Bahamas, NYC, Los Angeles, Boston, Nantucket, and Boyne. Don't worry, my desire to travel will never disappear so stay tuned 2018.

Our best friends, the maid of honor (Emily) and best man (Nick/Richy) in our wedding, got engaged in November. My excitement for them is out of this world. Our other best friends, Alli and Caleb, just purchased their first home. Our other good friend Claire accepted an externship at Riley Children's Hospital and Emily accepted one at the Whisper Hearing Center which means she's moving back to Indy in May.

One big thing I accomplished before the year ended: learning to ski with my mom. At age 67, she hit the slopes with no fear as always and helped me learn how to dig my edges into the snow to keep from going too fast or injuring myself. 

2017, you've been great. Thanks for the trials, tribulations, celebrations, and love you've brought with you. 

Your friend,



Hello 2018:

New year, new adventures, new challenges. BRING IT ON. If there's one thing I'm ready for, it's to continue to grow both personally, professionally, and spiritually.

This year I want to become more confident in my faith. It's a topic I don't discuss much because I'm not confident in my knowledge. I believe in God's power and ability to lead me where I need to go, but I want to work on listening and having a conversation with Him, more than just a prayer before bed each night. 

I plan to continue to grow my personal brand in an organic and authentic way. I look forward to the partnerships, content creation, and adventures that will be executed with various brands and companies this year. Influencer marketing is on the uprise and I look forward to being on that climb. 

The travel opportunities we have planned this year have me counting down days between adventures. Already on the books: Amsterdam, Zurich, Munich, and Salzburg with my little brother who will graduate from the University of Dayton in May with an ungrad degree in Psychology. Collin and I are also discussing a Western excursion to Denver, Napa Valley, and Seattle to visit friends. 

Of course I have the traditional goals:

  • Hit the gym more
  • Remember to be a listener
  • Make dinner at least once a week for Collin when he is home
  • Find work/life balance
  • Live with less
  • Save more money/learn how to budget more effectively
  • Continue to utilize my PR/advertising degree to help Sweet Olive grow
  • Go to more networking opportunities to build new relationships
  • Collaborate with more local businesses
  • Remember that good things come to those who are patient

Okay 2018, I'm ready for you. Let's do this.

Your friend,