Munich with 25 Hours Hotels

On Saturday afternoon, we walked off the train into a new city, much more crowded than Zurich where we’d just left. Conveniently, Munich Central Station was located just across from The Royal Bavarian, the 25 Hours Hotel where we were staying.

Upon check in, we were informed that our room had been upgraded. The name is fitting for this hotel that makes you feel like royalty. The bar was grand, the breakfast room extravagant, and our room or rather our suite, was majestic. The bathroom was trimmed with rose gold faucets and exquisite tile floors. The windows were draped with sheer pieces of cloth allowing natural light to take over the room.

We officially had less than 20 hours in Germany and we were determined to make the most of it. We’d heard about Englische Garten from a server in Zurich who told us we had to go. Thanks to Europe’s well-established public transportation system, we took the tram to a stop near the garden which I would consider more of a park due to its massive green spaces. After a short walk, we came to an open area in Englische Garten where large brats accompanied by liter beers were the norm. Trying to understand the German menu, we placed an order and took a seat. We enjoyed people watching while listening to traditional German folk music and drinking our hearts out.

The world's most famous tavern is located near the City Center in Munich so we headed there next. Ornate buildings lined the streets where people stopped to stare. Hofbräuhaus was easy to find, but not as easy to find a seat. Being one of the oldest breweries in the country where beer flows freely, it’s a popular site to see. We did end up finding space next to a Canadian family and a Russian couple. Several drinks and a few lessons in Russian later, we wondered back to our hotel in the worst rain we had on the trip.

After another solid sleep with 25 Hours Hotels, we enjoyed the royal breakfast buffet before heading to our train. Too bad we forgot to check to see that we both had our passports before leaving. Since we were traveling in the European Union and the train reservations were under my name, we didn’t both have to show our passports on the trains. We left 25 Hours and Brad’s passport as we headed to our final destination, Salzburg.

A note about our stay with 25 Hours Hotels: my new goal is to do an entire 25 Hours tour. The properties are amazing with décor that is custom to the area and/or the name of the hotel. The staff is just wonderful willing to offer suggestions and answering questions on directions. If you’re traveling, I’d suggest seeing if they have a hotel at your destination.=

Cheers to Munich, a city I definitely want to visit again,