Unique Wedding Gift Ideas
Unique Wedding Gift Ideas  featured by popular Indianapolis blogger, Trendy in Indy
Unique Wedding Gift Ideas  featured by popular Indianapolis blogger, Trendy in Indy

So you've been invited to a wedding and you're also going to the bridal shower, but you have no idea what get for the bride and groom. Today, I'm sharing my favorite unique wedding gifts to give plus our favorites we received when we got married.

I love to do themed baskets for gifts. These are generally gifts that keep on giving. First, you can pick out a nice basket that can be used for storage or blankets in the couples' home. Then you can add whatever you want to it. Two themes I like to do: date night and cleaning. Collin and I enjoy at-home date nights pretty much every weekend. We like to play games, drink, watch movies, and snuggle. It's simple, but it's us. For the second idea, cleaning supplies are something you always run out of, plus they can really add to the grocery bill. It's great to help the couple by providing some of these necessities for the first year of marriage. Check it out below!

At Home Date Night Gift Set

Clean Home, Happy Home Gift Set

It is always important to find a gift both the bride and groom will love. Collin and I are glad we registered for: pots and pans, bedding, a Kitchen Aid, a cutting board with a strainer, our Fiestaware, and drinkware. Those are the things that we use the most. I've included a few items below that both people will likely enjoy. That cookbook I've linked is our go to. We use it weekly because the recipes are generally quick and easy. 

Unique Wedding Gifts they will both love

Personalized gifts are always such a nice touch. They feel sentimental, thoughtful, and special. Anytime I can include a gift like this I do. I personally love the cutting board and the calligraphy pieces.

Personalized Unique Wedding Gifts

Want to shop all of these unique wedding gifts? I've included them here for you. 

Shop it all

When in doubt, don't go too off track and stick to their registry. It takes hours to do a registry and since that's what the bride and groom really want, it's best to stick to it. 

Cheers to finding the perfect item for the happy couple,