What it's like to go anywhere with an influencer
Chambray Romper , Shop Goldylox (TRENDY15) ||  Spring Loafers , DSW ||  Tiered Earrings

Chambray Romper, Shop Goldylox (TRENDY15) || Spring Loafers, DSW || Tiered Earrings

"Wait, stop. Don't touch your food. I have to take a picture." I'll be the first to admit that going anywhere with me can be less than convenient. It's generally filled with photos and too much time spent on my phone, but that's part of the job. Today's post is sponsored by Shop Goldylox so you check out a roundup of three looks with them at the end. 

Sometimes I feel like a burden when I go out with non-influencer friends. I often wonder what others are thinking as they pass Collin taking my photos. "Wow, she must be conceited," is my go to thought, although over the last few months I've learned to embrace the awkward stares. I am always trying to capture those picture perfect moments to share with my followers which honestly I don't even do that well with sometimes. 

If you go out to eat with an influencer...

Be prepared to take a photo of every course. Drink photos are a must and you'll likely be asked to participate in a "Cheers" boomerang. The whole "no phones at the table" rule completely goes out the window as your meal is filled with Instagram story snaps. Collin would also tell you that photos are acceptable, but he will not eat a cold meal when it's suppose to be warm. So I've learned to snap fast. Although in these photos his ice cream was melting.... oops. 

If you travel with an influencer...

You'll likely to be asked to take a photo at the airport with some cool luggage because #travelstyle is the thing to do. But lighting is key so don't forget that. Don't touch anything in the room before photos are snapped and an Instagram story has been done to highlight the hotel. You'll likely spend a couple of hours in said hotel room snapping photos of breakfast in bed or possibly even some epic jumping on the bed shots. Be prepared for multiple outfit changes, because wearing the same thing to dinner as you wore to brunch, well that's just boring. 

If you go to an event with an influencer...

You should be ready to meet new people, make new friends, and network like crazy. Influencers sometimes have access to pretty stellar events and you never know where that might lead. When you're at an event with an influencer, you're representing yourself but also that influencer's brand. From a content standpoint, you'll take photos in every space with a cool background or every setting that's important to the event. Be ready for boomerangs and Instagram story mania. Capturing the essence of the event is the main goal.

If you go to a new space that has anything cool with an influencer...

Whether it's a new local doughnut shop or a new event space, content creation will happen. Any nook or cranny that might make for a good photo is where you'll find yourself and your influencer friend. 

So to everyone who goes anywhere with me, thank you for being patient. Thank you for taking my photos, for letting me take photos of your food, and for supporting my passion. 


The denim romper featured in this post is just the cutest from Shop Goldylox. I love that I could also use this as a pool coverup and it's perfect to take to the lake. The length was perfect and could easily be styled with sneakers or wedges. Here are a couple of other looks from them.

This spicy dress is going on vacation with me this summer. The colors in it are amazing as well as the details. It has a handkerchief hem which love, plus an open back with a bow. I styled it with a pair of light blue chunky heels I purchased last year from Target and a pair of red tassel earrings. You could also wear this to a wedding or on a date night this summer. 

You're looking at my new favorite top for spring and summer. The color of this is like nothing I've seen before and it totally gives me mermaid vibes. The tie front compliments the ruffle sleeve detail. I paired this with white denim because I appreciated the contrast, but you could also pair this with black denim or basic denim, but I do suggest something high-waisted to elongate your torso. 

You can shop all of these looks too and use my discount code, TRENDY15. Jill has been a dream to work with and I look forward to more collaborations.

Cheers to the week ahead and me trying to pack for Europe,