Why fitness should be part of your self care routine

Why fitness should be part of your self care routine
Why fitness should be part of your self care routine featured by popular Indianapolis life and style blogger, Trendy in Indy

I think fitness is any easy way for us to feel like we are taking care of ourselves. I know for me that that one hour a day without my phone, where I can push myself to the max leaves me in a more positive headspace than when I woke up.

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to take a Barre Beautiful class at B Present Studio in Fishers. I had heard that the class was more than a test of physical abilities, but also a space to clear your head and leave feeling more fulfilled. After a week of being down on myself and feeling like I should quit, this class was exactly what I needed to add to my self care routine.

Brandii started the class by reminding everyone that they choose to show up so to leave everything else going on outside the studio. First of all, my legs were shaking within the first 10 minutes so I couldn’t really think about anything else besides how I may not be able to walk later. I also couldn’t believe that Brandii was able to talk through the whole class and do the exercises with us. She told us funny stories, probably to distract us from our bodies screaming “STOP,” but she also encouraged us throughout the whole class.

If there is one thing I’ve learned in my years as a dancer, it’s that your mind likes to play games with you. Your mind tells you you can’t run another 30 feet, do one more squat, do those turns in second you’ve been working on for months. For me, fitness is a mental challenge as much as a physical challenge. If I push myself to run just 30 more seconds on this incline, think what I can accomplish the rest of the day.

Fitness is part of my self care routine because it’s my one hour a day away from any other responsibilities. It’s my one hour to challenge myself with a guarantee to come out feeling better mentally and physically. It’s kind of like a therapy for me without having to talk to anyone.

Check out this interview with Brandii to learn more about B Present and their philosophy as it relates to self care.

Cheers to a healthy combination of physical and mental toughness,


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