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The Weber Co.
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I’m a branding expert that helps creatives like you gain clarity and strategy around their brand story in order to monetize their passion. If you could avoid the pain of confusion and build your biz quicker with a clear message, would ya do it? That’s where I come in.

Let’s get to know each other 🥂I believe in the energy that comes from dance parties, you’d most likely find me working in my hammock, and my heart feels full when I’m exploring the world. I’m currently jamming to The Greatest Showman soundtrack. I’m here because I believe your story matters, you’re relevant, and we need you to show up.

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I See you, girl.

I see you hustling. Writing down your dreams. Balancing a career, relationships, and a side hustle you’re passionate about. Trying to build connection. Doing all of the things, but feeling like nothing resonates with your tribe. Not even sure who you’re talking to or what your message really is.

Not that long ago, I was doing ALL THE THINGS, too: styling, blogging, influencing, coaching, traveling, and the list goes on. I was in fact swimming in the sea of confusion, not a great place to be. I wasn’t clear on who my brand served or the best way to share my message (felt like I’d lost that, too). I knew that if I wanted to monetize my skills and find dry land again, I needed to do the hard work to uncover my brand voice.

Now, I help entrepreneurs and influencers gain clarity & strategy on their unique brand story so that they can monetize their passion. I help them avoid the confusion I felt so that they can reach their dreams quicker.

I believe that your brand story should be as unique as you are. Sharing your message, turning your passion into profit… well it shouldn’t have to be rocket science.

Ready to create a brand that rocks? Let’s hit it.

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Personal Branding Consultant, Trendy in Indy